The Slow Disappearing Book by Author P.A. Chawla


A singular journey recording the travels and travails of a family flung across three countries. The Slow Disappearing is a deftly created lot about a family both frozen in time and careening into an uncertain future: A mother in the throes of dementia, fears the loss of words...

Mumbai Mornings Book by Author P.A. Chawla


“Her eyes said good morning as her hands caressed my hair making sure I was with her in the flesh and not just a voice over the phone. Often, I wouldn’t let her turn the light on or even part the curtains at that sacred hour. Those Mumbai mornings were exclusively ours."...

The Shenanigans of Time, book by author P.A.Chawla


In her debut novel, the author reveals the turmoil and transcendence of childhood, parenthood, sex and love. The Shenanigans of Time is a hymn of praise for the resilience of the human spirit and the desire for a place to call home...

About the author

Fiercely proud of her Indian roots and a proponent of diversity, P.A.Chawla's stories straddle the East and West and are mostly, although not always, women-centric. She engages her readers with her rhythmic, textured arrangement of words, and the subtext of social issues.

Profile of auhor P.A. Chawla

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