Sweet and salty, with a dose of dysfunction, “Fearful Pleasure” dives deep into the heart of the young and the vulnerable. It is about romantic dreams and rude awakenings. Depression and survivor guilt. But also, about the sexual, often hilarious shenanigans of its diverse characters.

Follow the protagonist Samar as she escapes to the New York to outrun her past. Then brace yourself for a wonderfully immersive, searingly honest commentary with empathy and eloquence.

Fearful Pleasure

"Some of your descriptions, insights and analogies were so lyrical, they took me completely by surprise! Kudos to P.A.Chawla on writing this nuanced and complex saga."


"An elegy. A poem. A love confession. This book is an immersive experience. "

-Vinit K Bansal, Bestselling author

"Frighteningly immersive with incredibly raw and powerful characters who leave you ravenous for more!"

-Amazon review

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